Here is the most BASIC idea for starting to move your economic life out from UNDER the influence and control of a godless economic system that pressures Christians to abandon their convictions- the PRIVATE buying club.
At its most basic level a private buying club is, well, private. The terms of membership are set by the group, the public is not welcome to participate. This means that how the products and services are provided to club members is determined by the members, and if this is a Christian club, the standards will match their shared Christian beliefs, values, and convictions.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that this club be kept private and that anyone who does not agree with a club charter or covenant is not permitted to participate. This preserves the distinction between a public business subjected to things like “non-discrimination” rules, and private clubs for certains groups of people. Your club is EXCLUSIVE, it positively allows for certain types of people who share some characteristic or trait (like a traditional and orthodox view of Christian beliefs and morality), but it is not discriminatory: it is simply a group limited to people of a similar worldview and faith.

In general, your club should include 7-10 married couples and a few single adults because this allows for the sharing of duties and responsibilities. You should have someone who is a good organizer, and it is ideal if they have experience in supply chains or managing a store.

What will you do?

The private buying club is a cooperative, it buys items in bulk at a cheaper price, its meber volunteer time to do all the work, and thus they save money. The larger the club, the depper the price breaks for buying in bulk- but you can start with something as simple as getting a business account at Cosco or Sam’s Club. Where you start is not your goal, obviously.

Now, as you are buying in bulk and growing members, you have buying leverage: you can choose suppliers that do not support a secular agenda, you can drop suppliers that do and let them know why, and you can make your dollars be felt. Imagine a buying club of 200 families suddenly telling a regional food distributor they are going to find a new supplier if that distributor doesn’t stop donating to Planned Parenthood? It would be noticed.

Of course it will save you money but it will also give you a new connection point with other Christians. By bulk-ordering products and sorting things together you will get to know people fairly well in a safe environment. You can make healthier choices as well and, if you add a premium amount, life 5%, above costs, you can even create a fund for mutual assurance to help members who go through hard times.

Buying clubs can connect to each other and have even more regional economic leverage, because, for instance, if 5,000 Christians in one region suddenly stop using a regional supplier due to their unethical behavior, that’s going to noticed.

There is much more than a private buying club that we should consider building, but this is as good a start as any, and it addresses a real and immediate need.