This is how I would handle immigration if I were President- sensible, rational, fair, but firm!

This is how I would handle immigration if I were President- sensible, rational, fair, but firm!

W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr- Illegal aliens number in the millions, perhaps 30 million, perhaps 11 million, and how we handle this problem matters both to ourselves and the whole western hemisphere. Some want to simply round up and deport all 11 million, citing how Eisenhower did it in the 1950’s.

Others want to simply let them stay and do nothing, which will lead to even more illegal border jumping and job-squatting, as some might put it. A more humane way must be found to confront this issue without raising the specter of an American culture subsumed in a sea of alien invasions that leaves our country no different than a third world banana republic or that turns millions of human beings into fodder for massive upheaval throughout South America.

Here’s what you’d do if you really wanted to “send them packing”, and it isn’t pretty

1. Punish those businesses who hire illegals- this is certainly doable, although we might need as many as 20,000 more enforcement agents just to work on this problem, and of course the US Chamber of Commerce would have a fit.

2. Require ID for voting- this is a real fear some have, that illegals are going to be used as zombie voters, make voter ID”s laws stick, go out of your way to ensure that  it is fair, and even do outreach programs to literally go into poor areas and help people get a voter id  card or state id card- but the irony is we end up with some form of “national ID”. something many conservatives oppose

3. No benefits to non-citizens- this is also doable, simply don;t give benefits to non-citizens, but what about children born here who, currently are considered US citizens?

4. No anchor babies- the argument here is over the original intent of the 14th amendment, but some say simply controlling the border is enough- is it possible  to write a law that does not allow non-citizens to stay in this country even if their child born here is a citizen but allows them to give custody to citizens OR allows the child to return after they reach adulthood? Either way, many solutions can be applied to make it hard for the parents of “anchor babies” to use that as an excuse to stay.

5. Close the borders, control entry-this would  require a 60,000 man force of agents or National guard or someone to man the border, and the creation of a “barrier”. perhaps a combination of walls and sensors and manned patrols, that makes the border solid.

6. Require local law enforcement to cooperate or face prison themselves- this is the only way to ensure that local governments stop giving illegal sanctuary to illegal aliens.

7. Leave WTO/GATT and NAFTA, or force a renegotiation of those agreements ans treaties, and impose tariffs on Mexico until they control their own border and stop officially promoting illegal immigration from and through their country- the idea that the WTO or UN or anyone else can dictate our policies should never be acceptable.

8. English as an official language- this could be a hindrance to those who refuse to learn our language and yet want to live here.

9 Hire 500,000 agents to track these people down and build 2,000 internment camps to out-process those rounded up (not a pretty picture)- one does envision children born here who are now in there and who know no other life being caught up in a dragnet, and even  anyone who LOOKS “foreign” being treated as a suspect until they PROVE their citizenship- but, yes, this can be done from a technical perspective.

Some will call this “racist”, as if it is “racist” to be against illegal border crossing into your country and the exploitation of illegal aliens by greedy corporate types. While some people  no doubt are motivated by racism, it is a canard being thrown at people whose only objections are that we have so many millions of people in this country who they fear do not even WANT to assimilate and who are potentially causing them economic hardship. By simply calling these people racists and not addressing their concerns, whether real or imagined, the conversation, and the opportunity for dialogue and reform, breaks down.

But is it humane to take this approach, does it take into account the impact sending such waves of people back into their home countries without the means to care themselves might have, and can these actual concerns of the supporters of the first plan be addressed whole still pursuing a more enlightened and humane approach?

The next questions are humanitarian and geopolitical:

1. These are people, suddenly cutting them off would cause severe hardship- Is the suffering they’d face equal to the offense they committed? A measured and phased response plus the creation of “refugee centers” to help care for, process, and repatriate people might be a more humane response.

2. Geopolitically, if 11 million people flooded BACK into South America (assuming they all came from there, or even if it was just 8 million) what would the implications be for their home countries?

A. Remittances would disappear, thus hurting all those economies

B. A huge group of very disgruntled people who wanted freedom and tasted it would look askance at their own regimes and be fertile ground for revolution

C. Unemployment would rise as all these now unemployed repatriated workers found no work

So, simply “rounding them up” would possibly lead to geopolitical instability and even revolution in South America.

What is more, let us remember- these people were recruited and given sanctuary by AMERICANS, and, while we might not appreciate this, our own government looked away while this happened. Between the Democrats who think this is a new voting pool and the US Chamber of Commerce who sees these people as cheap labor, America itself drew these people in and gave them the impression that they need not fear any consequences for coming here “illegally”, while they were asked to “illegally” vote in our election and to “illegally” work for our companies.

These people are refugees at heart. They fled poverty, crime, oppression, and corruption to have a chance at a better life: faced with a choice of breaking our immigration laws and watching their own family wither away to nothing, they chose life, even at the expense of our law, and they were encouraged and aided in that choice by Americans who were also breaking our laws!

(Yes, there is evidence Mexico encourages criminals and people of ill repute whom it cannot handle to come across the border, and the Mexican government provides assistance to help such people, but most all of the illegal aliens would, under any other circumstance, be refugees.)

While I would say we need to close the border to all but controlled and regulated traffic, I would propose a more measured, multi-phased plan to:

1. Mobilize 60,00 men and women to seal the borders to all but legal traffic, but increase the ports of entry and make the visa process more efficient and fair

2. Write a law forbidding the hiring of foreign workers by US firms at anything less than 1.25 times the average annual wage for similar workers they employed over the last 10 years (with wages adjusted for inflation)

3. Clampdown on all the criminal illegal aliens, make local law enforcement report all illegal aliens that are found guilty of a crime- all those people go, period- this would be a national law enforcement push and local law enforcement who fail to comply would be guilty of a felony

4. Over a 4 year period, go state by state in waves, cracking down on all employers who hire illegals, offer “refuge” to all illegals in that state in refugee care centers, ensure they are fed and cared for, sort out the true asylum seekers, and anyone who has been here for more than 5 years and who has no criminal record-

A. Take the ones with no bad track record who have been here for 5 or more years and who have US citizen sponsors and send them to immigration centers- get them up to speed on English, the US Constitution and basic laws, and labor laws, then give them a path to earned citizenship after they demonstrate assimilation (this might include half of the 11 million)

B. Take the ones who have no criminal record but who have been here for less than 5 years and go through a 6 month repatriation process back to their home country, treat them as refugees and provide them resources to help re-start their life in their home country, offer aid to those countries to help expand their economy to absorb these people

C. Take those who are discovered to have broken other laws beyond our immigration laws and immediately deport them, offer aid to their home countries to help absorb them or pay for their incarceration, or tariffs if their home countries fail to receive them

D. Give the illegals a certain time-frame in each state to report to a refugee center for either repatriation or assimilation into the the US, after that time-frame, any illegal alien detained would be deported immediately

5. If necessary, hire retired judges and as many lawyers and staff as possible to give fair but expedited hearings to all illegals who might face repatriation but who claim asylum seeking status, create a law that states that after the grace period all persons who are found to be here illegally and who do not avail themselves of a refugee center give up any and all rights to any legal process and will be deported immediately

6. Create refugee centers at the border and even in countries where people might seek to come to the US to allow people to come and seek asylum, whereupon they face either repatriation or they might be given asylum, but all person who enter without going to such refugee centers shall face immediate expedited deportation

(This is a general outline, specific questions will arise and could be answered or worked out if we could agree with a basic framework and goal that is both humane and that addresses all the concerns of all Americans, not just the two major political parties or special interest groups.)

Why do all this aid? Because if we suddenly flood our neighbors to the south with millions of what would now be refugees who have no way to care for themselves we’d be sowing the seeds of instability, revolution, and a backlash against America that would do us more harm than it would be to let these people stay.

We can enforce our laws, humanely and with mercy, and yet with firmness. We can close our border to all illegal traffic, including drugs and slaves (yes, hundreds of thousands of slaves snared in human trafficking).

If all we do is deport 11 million people we may be giving up millions of great people whose talents, hard work, and energy could help make America even greater than Mr Trump claims he can make it. But if all we do is allow them to stay, un-assimilated, and give them a path to citizenship they do not earn, then all we get are 11 million zombie voters for the Democrat Party.

This plan treats these people as refugees, while acknowledging that we cannot simply have an open border and that anyone who comes here to stay must both get our permission and assimilate to our culture. It costs money, but it can be offset by private groups sponsoring these refugees, some who will be processed for repatriation in a controlled and humane manner, and some who will go through a process of assimilation into our language, our Constitution, our laws, and our way of life to ensure that those who choose to stay, and who are qualified, are wanting to become AMERICANS.

The American nationality is not based on race or genetics, anyone who comes here legally and who is qualified and who assimilates into our culture and way of life should be welcome regardless of those matters of appearance.

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