If you have read “The New Dawn: A Christian Nation Rises”, you should understand what our project is all about. We are creating a spiritual and a physical ark to carry the Gospel into the world, even through the floods of crises and upheavals, as a witness for Jesus to the nations. 



There is no doubt a great flood is coming, a flood of persecution and upheaval that does not have to touch us or do us harm. 

If you read The New Dawn: A Christian Nation Rises then you know our goals are as follows:

1. To develop our Liberation Within and Revolution Within Experiences so as to empower as many Christians as we can to find and fulfill God’s best for their lives and to live as a witness and influence for Jesus to the world around them

2. To develop a web 3.0 cryptonation platform that will connect people around the world on the basis of these liberating and empowering ideals, principles, and practices for mutual support and collaboration as a powerful alternative to the current Silicon Valley monopoly

3. To establish a model “distributed intentional community” that will both act as a regional missionary and refugee support hub and world HQ for our project but also that will be used to show people how to use the same ideals, principles, and practices to reproduce similar communities

4. To create an international fraternal Christian missionary and refugee Society with NGO status under international law and Domestic Nation Status, like unto a Native America Tribe, in as many countries as possible which has the legal and diplomatic standing to advocate for Christian refugees.


As troubling news of persecution and upheaval comes in like flood, God raises a standard, the banner of a spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, against the enemy!

Now a new and bold plan emerges to transform the Ark of a spiritual nation into a real and physical, present reality that provides aid and refuge to, while liberating and empowering, MILLIONS of people around the world for Jesus Christ!!!

We will be promoting our free downloadable book THE NEW DAWN: A NEW NATION EMERGES to begin to transform the spiritual vision of Upadaria into a living and present physical reality!

Our goal is to get this book to 25,000 or more Christians within our target home chapter, the Twin Tiers region, another 100,000 within the region of our first planned Regency, and another 300,000 around the world within 18 months of launching.

This will require a few full-time and/or part-time people and around $350,000 in promotions over that same 18 month period. We will “grow as we go” so that as we gain Supporting Members we will do more promotions and increase the size of our part-time to full-time staff.

We believe this will allow us to FIND (not recruit) at least 25,000 general members, 5,000 supporting members who on average subscribe to a $45/month plan, and 1,200 founders who fill a provisional leadership and support role in our virtual Commonwealth “government.”

(Note: you can’t buy a Founder’s Billet and nor will we deny someone a Billet if they lack the financial ability to be a Supporting Member.)

This is how Upadaria will emerge as a spiritual nation with three beginning institutions:

1. A virtual Commonwealth on a web 3.0 cybernation platform to facilitate global communication, connections, and collaboration between individuals who have adopted the Upadarian lifestyle and governance discipline and vision.

A core of 1200 founders will provide services, governance, mobilization, and content as well as technical skills to make this a desireable and beneficial platform for Christians and freedom-seekers around the world!

Our focus will be on using The Liberation Within and The Revolution Within Experiences to help as many people as possible, for free, to become more powerful as a witness and influence for Jesus!

2. The first model distributed intentional community as a regional refugee and missionary support hub and world HQ facility , this will start with and Embassy, a Keep, a Castle, and a whole Village.

This will supported by a distributed intentional community of over 20,000 active local members organized into local multi-family extended households that live missionally and also host Christians in crisis. The distributed community will emerge first as the central hin facility, eventually a whole Village, is built in stages.

We will duplicate this at 17 strategic locations around the world and then in hundreds of locations so that anyone who is in need or crisis will know that whenever our flag is flying they will find help and refuge!

3. An international fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society with NGO status internationally and domestic nation status within the US and whose lands are designated as something akin in to Native American reservations.

If you read THE NEW DAWN: A CHRISTIAN NATION EMERGES and decide to become a supporting member you will gain access to content and features as we grow AND you will be helping to advance this vision from spiritual dream to present, physical reality.

Pictured: wherever this flag flies you will know help and refuge is available. Our goal is for there to be millions of places around this world where that flag flies!

A Flood Is Coming and God Is Preparing An Ark
We need your support to help as many people as we can and to show you powerful ideals, principles, and practices for TRUE liberation from any ungodly influence or control in your life!
In every generation, God is never limited to anything He has done in the past. This is not exception, God is moving in this age and doing a new thing with new prototypes. 
One such prototype is a spiritual nation of people whose God is the Lord which is served and advanced through three institutions: a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society, a virtual Commonwealth based on a web 3.0 cybernation platform, and local distributed intentional communities as regional missionary and refugee support hubs.
The spiritual nation of people whose God is the Lord is the new ark of safety that will preserve and protect Christians during these trying times of persecution and upheaval which we can already see have emerged. 
You may be CALLED to support such work and to undergo your own Liberation Within Experience that will empower you to live free of the world’s influence and control while finding and fulfilling God’s best for your life with excellence! 
To help you see this, we have prepared this PDF downloadable book called THE NEW DAWN: A CHRISTIAN NATION EMERGES. This book has shown you a vision, based off a God-inspired fictional history “written in 2147 A.D.” about the birth of a new Christian civilization. This vision came into being for the first founding member on 1982 and has grown and developed over time and now includes multiple people.
If this book touched you, consider what would happen if millions of Christians read it! (If you have NOT read this book, email to receive a FREE PDF Copy)
Our “nation of people” will, as it and its institutions grows, be a powerful witness for Jesus to millions of people in all the nations and will both empower and give refuge to tens of millions of Christians, enabling them to be powerful witnesses for Jesus in turn!
You can sign up now to support us and this work and help get this free PDF book into as many hands as possible! Our goal is to FIND, not recruit, at least 10,000 free to paid members of our virtual Commonwealth and 1200 founding members who take on a provisional role in building the core content and services for this spirtual nation and its main institutions.
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What you are supporting:
– Development of a social network for our virtual Commonwealth where members can connect and interact for mutual support on a virtual to local basis
– Creation of content for The Liberation Within and Revolution Within Experiences
– Building our first Embassy as step one in reestablishing a model regional fraternal Christian missionary and refugee support hub
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