Be Part Of A Christian Nation

You don’t have to settle for being dependent on a sick society that despises your God and your values. And neither do you want to give in to the kind of fear and hate that might make you withdraw from your duty to be a witness for Jesus to that same society. You... read more

Riqueday Village- An Intentional Mission Community

People who decide to support and align themselves with our national vision will be supporting the building of a model community called Riqueday Village. Nestled in the mountains of north-central Pennsylvania, this village will house key national leaders, Society... read more

There Are two Sexes

There are two sexes. As it says in the Bible, “male and female.” And no more. Whoever claims to follow Christ and denies this denies Scripture and denies God and has no part in Him. Except in extremely rare instances where individuals are born with both... read more

Nations And Kingdoms

Here we make a bold claim. Temporal nations ought to be the legitimate originating authority for temporal kingdoms, or states, and both nation and kingdom ought to be a shadow of the eternal nation of spiritual Israel and the eternal kingdom of the Kingdom of God.... read more

A Secret Life Hack

But you can only do it with other people… It is almost certain that if you are a Christian who adheres the moral and theological Christian orthodoxy that you are totally turned off by the state of affairs in most of Western Civilization. Indeed,  if you are... read more

Are You A Pioneer Or A Prisoner?

Are you are pioneer or a prisoner? Are you ready to deliberately create a just and virtuous society rooted in Christian faith and doctrine, or are you such a prisoner to the current Antichrist culture that you can’t bother yourself with such things? We are... read more

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About Upadaria

Upadaria is a place for Christians who seek to freely live and share the Gospel in the midst of a fallen world. .

The Blue Book of Upadaria

This is an “emergent book” being provided through our community that details what Upadaria is all about. This includes our Vision, our Way of Life, our Philosophy, the Christian Universals, and some details about our Organization and Structure.

The Meaning of The Word, Upadaria

Upadaria is pronounced “you-pah-dare-e-ah.” It stands for the initial UPDR which symbolize our Four Core Ideals– U for Unity in diversity, P for Popular sovereignty, D for Democratic equality, and R for Rule of law.
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