-A Christian CryptoNation-

*We will soon be launching the initial phase of a multi-phase plan to launch the world’s first private CryptoNation on what will be a web 3.0 platform. Meanwhile, a few notes:

*”Upadaria” is pronounced “you-pah-daria” and derives from the initials U.P.D.R. which stand for the four core ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

*Our vision is to create a DIGITAL NATION, or CryptoNation, that is part fraternal and missionary society and part virtual “homeland” (think social network, but web 3.0) for freedom-seeking Christians and others.

*We are NOT building a political state, but a virtual community, and a network of local chapters, or fraternal communities, which will empower people to live missionaly and fulfill God’s best for their lives.